War On Diesel
Initiated by Vasilisa Forbes and Claire Matthews is Clean Air Now: a high profile billboard campaign taking over large-scale 48 Sheet Billboards.

Taking to the streets of London from August 2016, is the the first environmental Billboard series from Clean Air Now, highlighting the issues of air pollution in the UK’s capital.
Campaigning for greater transparency and awareness of the city’s illegally high levels of N0x gas, the billboards and supporting artwork were displayed on some of London’s most polluted roads.

The campaign images were created by Vasilisa Forbes and Claire Matthews with a host of young, London-based Volunteer’s, creating the entire campaign on support in-kind and non-profit donation.

The posters encourage 15-35 year olds to start campaigning for positive environmental change in London and across the UK, by targeting younger city members with a visual edge not previously seen in public campaigning and environmental activism.

The billboards and social content urge viewers to share their experiences of pollution in the city, and reach out to their MP’s for positive, environmental change. The slant of the images aims to captivate a younger audience, with participating members being 18-27 years old.
The hashtag employed was the anarchic #warondiesel

This was picked on by multiple news outlets and papers including BBC Live News, London Live, Time Out, The Guardian, Evening Standard.

Billboards showcased on 48 Sheets in London throughout August - October 2016