Polluted Beauty:
Do you really want the “London look”?

Air pollution is already known to cause millions of people health issues, including lung and heart diseases, but its most visible impact, the damage caused to our skin, is only just beginning to be understood.

Our “Polluted Beauty” editorial, initially concepted by Claire Matthews for cleanairnow.org.uk uses kitsch, pop imagery to illustrate the visible impacts that dirty air has on every area of skin, in an editorial, visual arts take on an environmental issue.
Issues highlighted in the imagery are blocked pores, premature ageing, loss of facial elasticity and dark circles, pollution is wreaking havoc with our skin and hair.

Creative Director & Producer:
Claire Matthews
Vasilisa Forbes
Photographer: Andrew McGibbon
Art Director:
Claire Matthews
Editor: Vasilisa Forbes Models: Codie Macdermot
and New Faces from First MUA: Emese Kenez