Plastic is not only all around us and drastically polluting our oceans but also changing the molecular structure of the environment. It is also within our own organism, with the water we drink, the food we eat, all found to contain traces of plastic pollution. It will alter our hormones, just the way it alters our climate, crops, soil and health of every organism on the planet.
As of 2019, 84% of tap water tested globally contained plastic. Did you drink tap water today? there was plastic in it, had a cup of tea or coffee today? There was plastic in that too. If there is plastic in our oceans, there is plastic inside us too, it is quite simple (and simply frightening).

Creative Director & Producer:
Luke O’Prey
Vasilisa Forbes
Designer and Graphics: Luke O’Prey
Photographer: Elise Rose
Leah Cunard,
Shun Yin,
Samantha Davz
MUA: Billie Mackenzie
Hair: Miguel Martin Perez