“Hurled words. Thrown objects. Dodged Burgers.
After someone threw a burger at them and called them faggot, performance artist Travis Alabanza became obsessed with burgers.How they are made, how they feel, and smell. How they travel through the air. How the mayonnaise feels on your skin.This show is the climax of their obsession – exploring how trans bodies survive and how, by them reclaiming an act of violence, we can address our own complicity.Carving out a place for themselves as one of the UK’s prominent trans voices, Alabanza presents a performance that is timely, unsettling and powerful.“

I was invited to art direct the campaign shoot for the Burgerz promotional material, and was thrilled to be involved in the colourful creative showcase of the talented Travis Alabanza.

Photography Elise Rose
Art Direction Vasilisa Forbes
Make Up Umber Ghauri
Stylist Mia Maxwell