Wax Lyrical

The WAX video engages a further form of dialogue in a powerfully subversive and visually direct tone. Fusing existing popular song lyrics with sexualised imagery, the result is a sensation of unease, caution and dark familiarity. Created by the juxtaposition of ‘available’, (vulnerable/sexualised imagery and gestures) against the masculine tone of the song lyrics (which reflect the ‘male’ voice of the video) - a poignant, driven undercurrent becomes apparent.

The featured lyrics are taken directly from real, existing songs from contemporary and early 20th Century pop-music; including famous artists such as John Lennon, Black Flag, Def Leppard, Madonna, Slayer, Weezer, Nickelback and many others. These lyrics portray an array of dominating voices taken from different genres, times and trends - what they have in common is the strength of the words in relation to their force on women, and the popularity of the songs in pop culture.

Through feedback, many women who had witnessed the video could agree that they had at one time in their lives encountered such words directed either at them or others of their fellow gender.

The visual aspect of the video is arranged to appear at first as a conventional or commonly stylised ‘fashion film’, but as the narrative of both the music and subtitled lyrics develop, the underlying darkness and meaning of the film is revealed, descending into extreme objectification towards the end.

Teaming the incredible force of the popular lyrics when set against the sexualised, objectified imagery, the question of our acceptance of tones of dialogue, pornography and the impact of popular culture are raised.

Screenings 2015/2016:
East End Film Festival 2016 at Genesis Cinema
London Short Film Festival 2016
Hackney Picturehouse
ICA - Fashion Film Identity Panel discussion
In House Festival
Shorts On Tap - Winner
Library London Wax Live
Kobini Digital Premiere 6 Countries
Karst Artist Screenings
Deptford Theatre
Women in Revolt
Parallell Viena - Electronic Relations
Malta Film Festival